Dec 082016

Talk Bowling – Episode #125

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Question from YouTube:

Q – When i’m bowling in league and i’m bowling against people with high rev rate i usually struggle any tips on what to do? dynanomite tyler

Question from YouTube:

Q – I have a unique question. This past July I went to junior gold. Well before going, whenever I would go bowl league or just practice on house shot I could take my most aggressive ball and stand around 20 and throw it out to around 8 at the break point. Now whenever I go bowl I can play close to that same line but with my weakest ball. In order to throw the same ball I have to move almost 20 boards right (I’m left handed) and it usually results in bad shots. Obviously it’s hard to tell without watching me but do you guys have any ideas on how this possibly could’ve happened? I don’t work out or anything like that and I don’t honestly bowl that much, maybe 2-4 days a week counting league. Thanks for your help. Noah Anderson


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Last Week’s Question of the Week:

Q – What is the record for 300 games in a day and who holds the record?
A – Four. Troy Ockerman of Owassa, MI

This Week’s Question of the Week:

Q – What is the highest score, for a beginner, in their first league game?

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