Nov 262016

Talk Bowling – Episode #124

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Question from YouTube:

Q – How do I improve my release to a point of it being clean and giving me a moderate amount of hook on a medium-longer sport shot oil pattern? I’ve tried cupping the ball, but it is difficult to stay under the ball past it coming down past my leg. I bowled in the Junior Gold nationals this year, and I was only able to see ANY movement from my Nirvana on the short oil pattern, and on any of the other oil patterns there would be about enough hook to take out the 8 pin if I shot straight from the right gutter to the pocket. My ball speed is also not very fast, at about 12-14 mph. I just want to know a way to make my release clean and come around the ball enough to generate even a few boards of hook on a longer oil pattern so I can be more competitive based on my carry (a side note, I made 97% of single/double pin spares, but the larger count spares and lack of striking power a what made me miss the cut) – Travis Knox

Question from Facebook:

Q – How do you know when it’s time to change balls?

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12/6 – Ebonite Maverick & Track Cyborg Pearl


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Last Week’s Question of the Week:

Q – Who was the first African-American inducted into the ABC Hall of Fame and what year were they inducted?
A – J. Elmer Reed in 1978

This Week’s Question of the Week:

Q – What is the record for 300 games in a day and who holds the record?

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