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  1. hey how come no lefties on your ball reaction videos? I am willing to help

  2. Is there ever such a thing of having to many revs when you bowl??

  3. Hi there, i would like to get the dual angle layout of Brian Halstrom's Rouge Cell video. thnx

  4. Hey Tony,

    I need a ball for heavier volume patterns so I drilled a C-System Alpha Max last week. I'm a lower rev, medium speed player and I needed the ball the be very strong so I drilled it 55* x 4" x 75*. I've thrown it on a couple of patterns and the ball seems to not hook very much. Almost like it's layout and cover combo is too strong so it's done very early. How would you recommend changing the layout to improve this?

    Ryan Peden

  5. Bowlversity issued an article today entitled "How Senior Bowlers Can Prepare For Competition Part 2". Why can't I find Part 1 on the site and why is it not obvious how to communicate by e-mail directly with

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  7. i got a dv8 hell raiser 16lb had it drilled 3times ti will not hook more then 2 boards i dont now why that is the worest ball i have ever seen my speed is 12-14mph but a lot of lift

  8. Besides the point of not being a good selling point (which is probably 100% of the reason) why do you not show anything besides strikes and nine counts on your video reviews? I think bowlers would get a better understanding of the balls when you get them to far out or to far in.

  9. Ok Tony….I have a question for you. I have asked this before on talk bowling,and I can't get an answer…._I hope you can help me…..Can you tell me ….Are there any talkbowling episodes AFTER Episode,111…..If there is…How_do I get to them….And if not…Will be doing anymore talkbowling episodes/videos….I know your busy and_have your third arm pluged in…24/7. P.S. I hope you and your family are doing well….It sounds,and looks like your a _great Dad…….I truly miss the talkbowling episodes….Just to let you know…. This golf course 3 miles from my house,has_4,nines there..1 is white,and 1 is green, for Michigan State….And 1 is blue,and 1 is yellow for Michigan…..Sorry but i'm a _U of M fan…..This past Sunday,I shot a 42!!!!!!!! I'm a rookie at golf. I was real happy,and think I may go more often._Sorry about all this. I don't know you but I think your a peace of work….In a Good way for sure.I think your the best that has. PLEASE TONY…Keep smiling,and keep up YOUR GREAT WORK… 'GO RED WINGS'…

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  11. hello tony for years i have thrown a 15bl ball. i am now 80 years old and cannot keep the ball on the right side of the pocket. it goes so slow that even if i stand to the extreme left of the lane the ball still crosses over. now i throw a 14lb ball, i do not want to go any lighter. can you help me, it has come to a point where the alleys are so dry i think about quitting. i used to be a 190 average bowler, now i cannot break a 140. can you describe to me what you think i should do.