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TalkBowling.com is a podcast that is dedicated to bringing you the latest news from around the bowling industry, bowling tips, and latest updates from the largest internet retailer, bowlingball.com.

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  1. when will we see episode 51?

  2. really like the podcasts, but the volume is sooo low, i watch about 20 other video podcasts and they all have for the most part the same volume level, your podcasts require us to crank the volume and its annoying. please fix, is there a way we can see more visuals, or examples during the show?
    otherwise good show

  3. My name is Stan-the man-I am 75 yrs old and bowl in 4 different leagues. I find that my average is declining rapidly and all my bowling tam members are telling me I am dropping the ball before the foul lin.I am short 5'6' and throw a slow speed. I use a 14 lb ammer Vibe and aalso do not knowwhere I should stand on the approach and how to hold the ball. Could you please give me advise as to dropping the ball? TO–Tony Ruocco and John CongdonMY name is Stan Hiesiger at mhiesiger@comcast.net

  4. hey I have a question! so I have a regular league that I am in and I was wondering if there is a different shot I can take instead of moving deep inside? I am a two handed bowler with around 575 rev's and I throw it about 17 mph, do you have any advice for when the lanes breakdown?

    • Hi Tom,

      Being a two hander, it's very important that you have a wide array of different bowling balls to choose from with differing reactions. When the lanes break down you should have a urethane ball or even plastic like Belmo sometimes uses, to combat the drier conditions. This should allow you to move more toward the outside part of the lane and not have to play so deep.

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  6. Hi guys. Guys what gives with the sound on the viedos.On some shots the ball is 2 feet from the pins and you have the ball hitting the pins . Is the sound mixer off . carl

  7. Hi Tony,I've been bowling for a long time now and I feel still that there is something wrong with my thumb hole I have callouses on both sides of my thumb,when i through the ball,my thumb is gripping on ,I honestly think my pitch or something else is wrong ,what can I do to correct that.Please help.THANKS.

    • Hi Maria,

      When is the last time you've had the fit of your bowling ball checked? Over time, your hand will change and adjustments have to be made. It sounds like you're having to grip to hang onto the ball. The squeezing of the thumb is causing the sides of your thumb to push into the side of the hole, causing a callous. I would have the size of the thumb hole checked. If the size of the hole is good, you will need to add some forward pitch to your thumb hole to help you hang on.

    • Maria, I agree with Dustin's evaluation of your problem and I might add that it is also possible a simple opening up the sides of your thumb hole from a circular shape to more of an oval shape might be the simple answer if your hole is, in fact, not too loose….because we cannot see your hand and your thumb hole in real time, Dustin is 100% correct in recommending you visit a local pro shop professional and ask him to evaluate your hand and the thumb hole causing the problems. it could be an easy fix? Plugging or adding a thumb slug and re-drilling the hole and shaping the hole carefully to contour with your thumb is also an easy task….get to the pro shop right away and have it checked out….hope this helps?

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