John Congdon

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  10. Hey john, I just have a quick question about ball choice. I am looking to buy a new ball to replace my storm invasion, and I am looking for something with a similiar overall strength but a little more angular on the backend, what would you suggest?. I Bowl on a new synthetic house with a 42ft heavy oil pattern and I would like to open up the lanes a lil more(maybe 1-2boards) and play a bit further inside with a little more backend. You and I have a very similiar axis and shot.
    Thanks Jeremy

    • On, they have something on there that might help you. It's called the perfect scale. It lets you search through the different brands and balls to compare prices and the scale of the ball.

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  12. I found a Big Blue Spare by Hammer in the dumpster behind my college, along with some other bowling balls that I found out were even more expensive and a bowling bag. This is the first time I've ever owned my own bowling ball. I looked online for tips on how to take care of it, and it told me to just keep it in the bag and clean it with house hold cleaners. What kind of house hold cleaners are you supposed to clean it with, and is there something better that I can use? Also, is it a good idea to wax the ball (something someone told me)?

  13. Hi Toney and John
    I really enjoy you program please keep it going. my question is, is there a product that I could buy that would let me make a mold of my hand lay out. so when I order my next ball from I won't have to send my old ball to them to copy my hand layout? Thank You Doug Englund from spring Hill FL