Jan 272017

Talk Bowling – Episode #126

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Question from YouTube:

Q – I’ve been watching some bowling videos and I’ve noticed that some bowlers have their arm cross their body after release and through the follow through, where as my my arm would swing straight out in front of me after my release. Is crossing your arm across your body beneficial in any way and should I be doing that too? AussiePillow1 on YT

Question from Facebook:

Q – Tony and Dustin, what is the best bowling tip you ever heard?

Upcoming Releases:

2/7 – Brunswick True Nirvana and Fanatic SS
2/14 – Storm Timeless and Torrent, Hammer Gauntlet, Columbia Tyrant Pearl, Track Kinetic Emerald
3/7 – Ebonite Maverick Pearl


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Last Week’s Question of the Week:

Q – What is the highest score, for a beginner, in their first league game?
A – 253. Bud Terrell of Bloomfield, Iowa

This Week’s Question of the Week:

Q – Who holds the record for most consecutive gutter balls thrown during a sanctioned league and how many was it?

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