Jan 252010

We had a question form a viewer that we wanted to answer:

Q) Some people a adamant about have side weight, or finger/thumb weight in their layouts. Does this really change bowling ball reaction?

A) This is a great question. We are still bound to bowling ball layouts based on the USBC rules for static imbalances. Basically, there can be no more than one ounce in any direction from the midpoint of the grip. Any studies have shown that static imbalances do not really affect bowling ball reaction. Watch this episode to hear us discuss it.

Jan 182010

On this episode, we answer a couple of viewer questions.

1) I am a medium-high speed bowler, 17-18 mph, 300 rev rate and I play on 37 ft of pure heavy oil so which of the following balls is good for me?  Roto Grip Mutant Cell , Lane #1 Massacre Red Death, or Brunswick Siege?

2) Are there any colleges or universities that teaches bowling and the bowling industry?

There were both great questions, and I hope we did a good job of answering them.

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Dec 302009

We want to wish all of our viewers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We thank all of our viewers for your continued support and look forward to bringing you more episodes in the new year.

Thank you,

The Talk Bowling Team

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