Feb 222010

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  7 Responses to “Talk Bowling #45”

  1. when are you guys going to do a video for the hammer jigsaw corner for bowlingball.com

  2. The youngest bowler was Chaz Dennis from Ohio on December 28, 2006. He was 10 years, 2 months, and 27 days old.
    I also have a question: I have a Raw Hammer Psycho. It was drilled with the Layout #1 for a high track. My pro shop guy roughed up the surface to 200 grit I think. My coach for my High school team said my ball should be polished. I throw the ball at about 14 mph, with about 200 or so rpms. I'm working to increase my speed and rev. Should I have my ball polished or leave it at 2000 grit? Are Scotch Brite pads ok to use also?

  3. when are you guys going to fix the sound level. seems like i have to set laptop speakers against ears to hear ya (and still have the tunnel sound).

  4. Balls should be chosen for how the matchup to your speed, rev rate, axis tilt (lower or higher track) and axis rotation, and then what are you bowling on and what do you need the ball to do.

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