Nov 232009

Have you ever thrown a bowling ball down the lane, watched it start to move left (or right) and then just stop?  Bowling ball roll out occurs near the back end of the lane when the bowling ball stops its left or right movement and continues straight back to the pit.

Bowling ball roll can best be described as the ball using all of its energy in the front of the lane and not storing enough to continue down the lane.  If this occurs, you need to do one of two things.  Usually changing bowling balls to a higher polish will do the trick.  You can also try changing your speed or side rotation to cause less friction through the heads.

This is why some bowlers have so many bowling balls.  It’s easier to match a bowling ball to the lane condition, than to change the way you bowl.

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Nov 122009

Gambling and Bowling are almost synonymous.   There are a few common games that we play for money while bowling that new bowlers may not be aware of or completely understand.  Don’t be afraid to ask as it is a great way to meet people and have a little fun.

The most common games are

Bowling Brackets – 8 person mini tournaments during league play

Bowling Nassau – Simply high game wins the pot.  One pot per game.

Bowling Cut-the-Field – Similar to brackets, but you bowl against the entire field, not just one other person.

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Oct 142009

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Oct 062009

Keeping score used to be known by just about every bowler because you had to keep score manually. Now that just about every bowling center has automatic scorers, it seems that more and more bowlers don’t know how to calculate their own score. If there are still bowling centers with manual scoring, let us know. We are always interested in information like this.

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