Mar 062010

Tony and John say goodbye to Brian Halstrom and wish him well.  We then answer questions about ball speed compared to ball type.  As a lower speed, lower rev player, you should probably use a pearlized bowling ball or add polish to your other bowling balls.

  4 Responses to “Talk Bowling #46”

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  2. I have a request to see a lefty on ball daminstration videos.thanks.

  3. First off, good luck to Brian. Can you tell us where he went?
    Second, I watch every Talk Bowl and yes, I hope you do continue to answer the question of the week.
    Now for my question: I have always used my regular (performance) ball for throwing at spares by not giving it any hand. It works for me. But, I notice that the pros seem to always use a plastic ball for shooting spares. I'm not sure what advantage this would give? Can you enlighten me?

  4. love the show just a quick question i have the vise it grip. I dont hear alot about it i was wandering what your thoughts on it were? p.s. keep the trivia

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