Feb 122010

  4 Responses to “Talk Bowling #44”

  1. Do Wes Malott's 2 in 2 weeks count from last years King of Bowling count? Or are you look for Ryan Shafer's 2007 Pepsi Championship 300, that was the 19th televised 300.

    Did you guys catch Chris Barnes 300 during match play that eliminated Wes Malott from the USBC Masters? That was something else…

    Could you guys give some info on a ball's track? I track low, and I'm wondering if it should be a consideration in ball choice… Thanks!

  2. Also, what about Rhino Page's 300 at the 2009 Dydo Japan Cup (4/26/09) which was part of the 08-09 PBA Tour Schedule and was televised live (in Japan). Technically that is the most recent, since it happened after the King of Bowling was taped (4/9/09, 4/10/09) although it aired before it.

  3. IS IT OK TO APPLY 2000 OR 4000 ABRULON PAD DIRECTLLY to the OR I must do it by steps like begging with 360 then 500 then 1000 then 2000 or 4000 ? thanks .

  4. my ball lose rev when I throw the ball it hits the I or 2 pin I 'm a righty I can't seem to get the ball in 1 and 3 pocket what I'm I doing wrong I leave splits sometimes only get three or four pins what am I doing wrong my average was 147 now 122 I 'm womam E Taylor my email emmaa39@msn.com

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