Dec 222008
In this episode we review bowling gloves and wrist supports. Why you may want them, and what the difference between some of them are.

  5 Responses to “Talk Bowling #8 – Bowling Gloves and Wrist Supports”

  1. Hey Brian, this is chase from maryland, i have alot of trouble putting revs on my bowling ball, i have a hammer hot sauce drilled in the Strong layout, what normally happens is i will be spinning my ball on, i have a very low track, please help me and respond to me how i can fix my troubles, my dream is to bowl like you, throw the ball from the left to the right and have high revs and have the ball come back to the pocket, Email is

  2. hello john and brian. how are you? ¿que estudios respaldan el uso de los posicionadores de muñeca? hay informacion sobre el tema???? mil gracias….What studies support the use of wrist positioners ? There´╗┐ is information about it???? many thanks catalina

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  4. […] would like to try these supports or even borrow them from someone to see. if they help before I …Talk Bowling Episode #0008 Bowling Gloves and Wrist …Talk Bowling Episode #0008 Bowling Gloves and Wrist Supports. In this episode we review bowling […]

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