Dec 152008

Have you wondered if there is a difference between Turbo and Vise grips?  Have you heard of the Vacuum Grip?  We will cover these questions asked by viewers like you.

Details for Vacuum Grip Installation (from Turbo 2-n-1 Grips):

Vacuum Grip
Best uses for Vacu fit: Bowlers who suffer from swelling or may be in between sizes.

Create a Vacuum Grip with this Simple Drill Technique.
NOTE: Please read instructions fully before drilling. For Tech Support call: 1-888-2N1-GRIP.

  1. Use 1 1/32" drill bit. Hole should be 1/16" larger than the recommended insert o.d.
  2. Drill hole 1" deep.
  3. Replace 1 1/32" drill bit with 31/32" or recommended insert outside diameter (for stronger vacuum use smaller drill bit i.e. 61/64 for
    standard outside diameter insert)
  4. Drill hole the full depth of insert (Quad inserts 1 3/4", Standard 2-N-1 1 3/8")
  5. You have now created a cone at the bottom of the hole.
  6. Install finger insert. Glue bottom of grip into smaller hole. When creating a vacuum grip you must use at least 2 sizes smaller than standard finger tip size. Grip will expand to fit inside hole diameter.
  7. Apply adhesive (Turbo Zip Plus-45 recommended) to the front of hole, between finger insert and bowling ball. ONLY apply glue to the front wall.

Product mentioned in this episode:

Turbo 2-N-1 Grips Quad Finger Inserts, Ebonite Ultra Slide, Brunswick Power Slide, Ebonite Shoe Slider, Brunswick Clear Top Shoe Slider.

Episode 5 discussed different types of bowling shoes.

  19 Responses to “Talk Bowling #7 – Vise vs Turbo, Vacuum Grip”

  1. Sorry for this episode being so late. This time of year is very hectic for us here in the warehouse.

    A funny note from this episode. We taped on Thursday, Dec 11, 2008, which was our league night. I have never really used easy slide on my soles before (I have used it on my thumb, before I started using protecting tape). There were two separate instances where my shoe soles got wet that night. I ended up using the easy slide because of taping this episode. 🙂 I really did not know that it doesn't transfer.

    Also, we have been informed that these products are not allowed in the USBC National Tournament. Make sure you check with your local tournament directors before using anything that may cause your scores to be forfeited.

  2. Thanks guys for the response to my question. Pretty neat about the vacuum grips. Keep up the great work….

  3. Just would like to know, Is easy slide for your thumb or your shoes? And is it okay to use it during league play on your shoes, if you happen to step in water?

  4. Hi Angie,

    It can be used for either purpose. I used to use it on my thumb all the time before I started using the protecting tape.

    And I just learned in this video that it is not transferable, so you can use it on your shoes without affecting other people. I always worried about that before.

  5. using powders on your hand consistantly can create more inconsistency, and more room for error. Try using the had tape for a more consistent release

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