May 022011

Question from John:

Q – Hello. I’ve been bowling for 5yrs now and have seen my average increase every yr. and I was wondering, as your game increases do you need to change how your have your bowling balls drilled.  I was wondering if a 3-4 pin distance be good.

A – As you get better, you will want to drill your bowling balls to react a specific way.  Meaning, if your current bowling ball starts rolling up in the midlane, you may want to get another ball and drill it specifically to go longer before hooking.   You may want a bowling ball to play “up the ditch”, and another that you can use to hook the entire lane.  You need to worry about pin distance when you are going be very specific about “I want my ball to do ……”   From there, you need to know what the ….. is and then decide on the pin distance that will get you to that point.  Many bowlers get a pin distance stuck in their head, and get very upset when the ball doesn’t react as expected.

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Last Week’s Question of the Week:
Q – Why was the game “ninepin" eventually changed to the tenpin game we know today?
A – In the 1800’s the tenpin game was popular because of nine pin being outlawed as a gambling game. Adding an extra pin gave people a way to keep bowling and exploited a loophole in the law.

Question of the Week:
Q – Who was the last woman to repeat as USBC Queens Champion and when?
A – Katsuko Sugimoto – 1981-82

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