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  8 Responses to “Talk Bowling #84 – Difference Between Symmetric and Asymmetric Cores”

  1. Answer to question: 🙂

    Ninepin bowling attracted a lot of gamblers and they gave bowling a bad name. Because of the gambling a law in Connecticut got approved in 1841 that prohibited people to own ninepin bowling lanes. But people simply got around this law by putting an extra bowling pin on the deck and this meant the start of tenpin bowling.

  2. To answer your question John. I do bowl in the summer, one league, once a week. Still a lot less than 4 times a week, which is my normal season bowling. Also I golf ( All bowlers golf, thats the law of the land)

  3. I take the summer off from league and golf. I still bowl once a week to keep the feel and work on things.

  4. Thanks for answering my question, fellas. And to respond to your smart@$$ comment, Mr. Ruocco, yes, I strike with my Viz-a-Ball. Oddly, I carry the weak 7-pin more often with the Viz than with my higher-end equipment. I can't figure out why for the life of me…

    I usually don't bowl in summer leagues, but my local house is running a Team USA Experience doubles league this summer which I want to try. I attempted a PBA Experience league a couple years ago and was thoroughly humiliated. I want to see if I've improved any since then.

    • Sounds like you have too much angle going in to the headpin with your higher end equipment. This can cause the headpin to wrap around the 7. You don't have that problem with the Viz.

  5. I try to find one league to bowl in the summer. A lot of that is based on how busy my kid's schedules are. Last summer I bolwed in a Youth Adult Scholarship league. My local center offers sereral leagues over the summer.

  6. Yes I bowl during the summer. I bowl on Friday's in a Kegel Experience League, Saturday mornings, and Monday nights just to practice.

  7. I am no expert on this, but I seem to remember reading that assymetrics react to dry on the lanes more quickly and symmetrics react more smoothly.

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