Oct 062017

Talk Bowling – Episode #137

Talk Bowling is proud to be bringing you the latest information from the bowling industry, bowling tips and updates from the world’s largest bowling website, bowlingball.com.

Question from Email:

Q – If you were starting out now, would you learn one-handed or two-handed bowling?

Anthony C

Question from Email:

Q – For wood lanes would you recommend a urethane ball drilled aggressive or weak or a reactive ball drilled weak? Which is best and why?


Upcoming Releases:

10/3- Ebonite The Real One

10/12- Motiv Trident Quest

10/12- Storm Intense & Storm Match Up Hybrid


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Last Week’s Question of the Week:

Q – How many bowling centers are there in the US?

A – As of November, 2011, approximately 5,200 centers with about 110,000 lanes were operating in the United States. Of that group, about 4,650 facilities were commercial centers; the others were operated by the military, colleges, fraternal organizations and private clubs. Approximately 25% of the commercial centers were 32 lanes or larger in size.

This Week’s Question of the Week:

Q – The first Open Championship (formerly the ABC Championship Tournament was held in Chicago in 1901. How much was the entry fee?

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