Sep 022016

Talk Bowling – Episode #121

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Question from YouTube:

Q – Release aids… Baby Powder, Hand Conditioner, Hada Patch, Thumb Sock, Thumb Saver, etc… For years I have struggled with releasing my thumb from the ball. I don’t know if the ball was just drilled incorrectly causing my thumb to not be able to relax or what. But up until now the solution has been to simply make the thumb hole larger(to the point that it simply falls off my thumb, forcing me to cup my wrist, squeeze the ball till the moment of release, and causing pain on the back of my hand). On my most recent ball I refused to make the thumb bigger but did have the guys in the pro shop file out a little bit of material out of the thumb insert for me . I wanted to find a solution that works and still allowed enough friction on the thumb to be able to pick up the ball using only that finger. I used quite a bit of baby powder and kind of got the hang of it (while making a huge mess) before finding these Hada Patches. I use 2 or three of them on my thumb to cover the spots that stick, and this seems to allow me to relax my thumb and get a smooth, consistent release. What is your opinion of this particular product? Have you tried any of the others that I mentioned? Are there still others out there that might be better or different? Would a wrist device also aid in the smooth release of the thumb from the ball just by virtue of the angle you are forced to hold the ball while using such a device?

Question from Facebook:

Q – Wrist rotation on release. Trying to get my thumb to stop at 11 or 12 o’clock, I’m “mostly" successful but need more consistency. Suggestions, exercises, etc?

Pyramid Balls:

Pyramid just released 4 new performance balls on 8/24:

Path Rising Aqua/Silver

Upcoming Releases:

9/20 – Track Paradox Trilogy and Ebonite Mission Unknown

10/4 – Storm Phaze II and Street Fight


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Last Week’s Question of the Week:

Q – What was the first PBA event held outdoors and who was the champion?
A – 1999 New York City PBA Experience – Eric Forkel

This Week’s Question of the Week:

Q – Where was the first ever PBA national tournament contested?


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