Mar 262010

  7 Responses to “Talk Bowling #49 – Should I Be Worried About Oil Push-Down?”

  1. The Tokyo World Lanes Center. 252 lanes

  2. Right know I have a virtual gravity, street rod pearl, and a plastic ball. In the next two weeks I am getting a columbia 300 freeze to replace the street rod preal. In a couple of months I am thinking of getting an inbetween ball (possabley a hybrid). Would you please make a suggestion. Inaddition please tell me if you think a virtual energy or a hy-road would suit me better. Sorry i forgot to tell you that i bowl on a house pettern every friday night. And I would like to put a third ball that will hooks in my bag for the tortuments that i do.

  3. Nagoya Grand Bowl is now the biggest bowling center in Japan. It has 156 lanes on three floors with 52 lanes each?

  4. Its me mike again would you please on eposide 50 make a list of all new realises for all the companys. would you meansion all the balls up untill the summer the companys name and the name of the ball.

  5. good luck finding a lefty .

  6. recently , I purchased new 2000 abrolon pads to restor my mutant cell to the origenal factory finish of 2000 grift but I didn`t get the same surface of the origenal ball however , I got the raction of 2000 grift , why is that ? thanks .

  7. thanks for the shoutout guys.. not many comments about golf is hard tv – but no worries!

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