Feb 062009

This one is especially good for beginning bowlers. The bowling grip is one of the key components to bowling better. There are many types of grips usable in bowling, but there are two main ones. You probably wouldn’t use any other type until you were ready to start experimenting.

The Conventional Grip and Fingertip Grip.

  6 Responses to “Talk Bowling #12 – The Bowling Grip (Conventional vs Finger Tip)”

  1. Videos all freeze up a minute or so in. Tried both IE and Firefox browsers. Any reason behing this?

  2. I can only hear audio on 12 and 13 but i went to youtube and watchered 13 but 12 is not on there 11 works fine. thanks

  3. Hey Brad,

    I am not sure what happened. It appears to be working now. Can you confirm for me?

    • It works fine if you give your browser time to load the video, pause the video for a bit then watch to allow your buffer to get ahead of the video. Love the show by the way, it is helping me out a lot

  4. it works

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