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Talk Bowling – Episode #100

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Question from Jesse :
Q – Why does not stock Track bowling balls (or many of Ebonite International’s products)?

A – Jesse, thanks for your question.  We are very happy to say that as of early November we are carrying a full line of Ebonite International products including all four of their ball brands, Ebonite, Hammer, Columbia 300 and Track.  We are sorry for the time period that we did not carry their brands but we are very excited to offer a full line to our customers again.

Question from Pizza:

Q – hello. my name is Zack. i throw 14 &15 pounds, about 16 mph with higher revs. i have a 5 step approach and start at the very back dots of the approach. i average 182,  i was wondering if i could get more accuracy my moving up. or maybe going to a 4 step approach?  Or do you have any other tips on becoming more accurate?

A – Accuracy will not be judged by where you are starting on the lane per se.  Accuracy is mainly influenced by consistency and balance at the foul line.  As long as you are walking the same way consistently, aren’t too jerky in your movements, follow through, and stay balanced at the line, you should have good accuracy.

Going from a 182 average up to 200’s is not an easy task.  I stayed in the 180’s for a few years, which was a bummer because I work for  I “should” be a better bowler.

The true secret in moving above a 180 average bowler is to make your spares.  I bet you are leaving at least one open frame every game, causing your average to be in the 180’s.  That was my problem.  Practice your spare shooting and watch your average increase.

Don’t worry too heavily about a 4 or 5 step approach.  Be comfortable with one for now.  Changing from one to the other can have negative side effects.

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Question from James Swanson:
Q – I am wonder what happens to your bowling balls if you leave it in your truck in cold weather and hot weather. Thank you very much for your time.

A- You’re welcome for our time.  🙂
The worst case scenario is that your bowling ball will crack in half.  Bowling balls are made of multiple pieces, from the inner core and/or outer core to the coverstock.  As these pieces heat and cool, they may expand and contract.  Because these materials have different coefficients of expansion they could cause the ball to crack.  

This is limited to being outside in extreme environments.  I have had this happen to a bowling ball that was just sitting in a closet of an unused bedroom.    However, outside temperatures can fluctuate more easily, causing cracking to happen.

The other scenario is that ball may “leak” oil from the coverstock if it is a reactive type material ball.  In this case the pores on the cover open up from the heat and the oil that has soaked into the shell starts to bleed out.

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Question from Daniel Crawford:

Q – What’s the importance of releasing the ball at or around the foul line over lofting?

A – There is no importance of it really.  The importance is only in your consistency in doing either of them.  Or using each method when necessary.  Lofting will help you overcome hooking too early.  While a smooth release onto the surface may be more repeatable.  In the end, consistency always wins.  If you can repeat shots, and make minor adjustments, your game will improve.

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Last Week’s Question of the Week:
Q – What is the highest sanctioned series by a female bowling and who rolled it?
A – 878 – Karen Rosenburg – Rolla, MO, Dec. 12, 2001

Question of the Week:
Q – Who holds the PBA record for longest winning streak on television? How many matches?
A – Watch Next Episode For Answer

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