Jul 242017

Talk Bowling – Episode #132

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Question from YouTube:

Q – Should I try other bowling balls from different companies or should I just stick to the one I’m accustomed to (I use mainly Storm and Roto Grip)? – trollingewok

Question from YouTube:

Q – I just bought my first ball,the roto grip wreck-em 15 lbs, almost every time I throw the ball my wrist breaks backwards and i get no hand on it. my friend said I should get a wrist device, but I am 100% against them. they look dumb and i feel like I shouldn’t need one. do have any tips or alternate ways to keep my wrist straight and maybe even a little cupped in my bowling swing? – Brett Schill

Upcoming Releases:

7/11 – Brunswick Quantum Classic Black and Fanatic BTU Pearl Radical Tremendous and Quick Fix DV8 Creed and Freakshow Flip Ebonite Matrix Track Kinetic Ruby

7/12 – Motiv Tag Cannon

7/14 – Storm Marvel Pearl

8/11 – Roto Grip No Rules Exist, Hot Cell, Show Off and Hustle

8/15 – Brunswick Vintage Inferno and Magnitude 035 DV8 Pitbull Growl and Rumor

Keep an eye out for Pyramid releases coming soon.


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Last Week’s Question of the Week:

Q – Who has the highest career winning percentage on TV in PBA Tour history and what is it?

A – Jim Pencak with .733 (22-8)

This Week’s Question of the Week:

Q – Which PBA member holds the record for the number of cashes in a single season? Give us the year and the number of cashes.

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