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Talk Bowling – Episode #62

Question from Jon B:
Q – Hey guys, I’m a bowler from Canton, Ohio.  I’m just wondering why Lane #1, Elite and Lane Masters balls are so expensive?  And if they are so good why aren’t the pros throwing them?

A – Well Lane #1 and Lane Masters are not only smaller privately owned companies but they also pride themselves on making very high quality product.  Being a smaller company obviously their production costs are a little higher which will drive up he price of their product.

Lane #1 has come a long way and we offer their product at very competitive pricing on

Elite on the other hand is a private label company and in that case they have set the prices higher for whatever their reasons are.

All three companies to my knowledge are not product registered with the PBA Tour and this is why you do not see professionals using them on tv.

Question from Frank H:
Q – Why is it so hard to get bowlers to join a sport league?  We tried at our local bowling center and only 4 people showed up.  I personally like the challenge of Sport patterns.  Is there a better way to promote the league?  Is is because of the cost of running a sport league or the fear of the drop in average?  I would like to know your guys opinion on sprt bowling maybe people in Florida are different than people here in Hickory, NC?

A – First of all Frank I love Hickory, NC.  There was a comic from Hickory, John Reep, a few years ago that was on Last Comic Standing and he was hilarious.

Back to your question, my opinion is that people are a little reluctant to join a sport league and see what their average may really be on a little tougher shot.  Most people feel they are better then they really are as we all do in sports or different things we participate in.  In our area it was also very difficult to get a good sport league started, I also feel the cost was a little draw back but mostly people not wanting to bowl on anything but their good old house shot.


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Answer to last weeks question:
Q – What is the record for the most 300 games in one day?

A – 4 – Troy Ockerman of Owassa, MI

This weeks question:
Q –   Who holds the record for the most gutter balls in one game and how many was it?

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  3 Responses to “Talk Bowling #62 – Why are Lane #1, Elite, and Lane Master Bowlin”

  1. For the most gutter balls in a game, I'd have to say my friend. But on a more serious note, my High School League is starting in November with try-outs in October. I already have a Raw Hammer Psycho and MoRich Lev RG Response. I was looking for a more agressive ball to add to my bag. What would you recommend as a very agressive ball with a lot of hook for heavy oil?

    • Matt,

      Good luck. We hope you make the team. Regarding heavy oil, there are several good choices in bowling balls to combat heavy oil conditions and we have them available at

      The Roto Grip Rogue Cell offers a 7"+ Flare Potential with strong hook from the release point to the pocket.

      The Lane #1Big Curve offers strong and early roll with enough length to create a strong back-end reaction as well.

      Can't go wrong with Storm – the Invasion is a ball dedicated to heavy oil conditions and will read the front-end and mid-lane very well.

      AMF 300 Mega Friction ball hooks. Big roll and covers a lot of boards.

      Of course, there are more selections for heavy oil. We recommend you consult our "Perfect Scale Rating" feature for more options. And, please take a little time to watch some videos of the latest bowling balls delivered on our private test facility lanes. Visual images of a ball traveling down the lane might help you in your selection process?

      We wish you the very best during try-outs, Matt.

  2. That was an interesting discussion of 'sport leagues' and lower averages, but you neglected to explain just what a sport league is. Why would you expect the averages be significantly lower?

    Carpinteria, CA

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