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Wrist position plays into both consistency and style of play.  You need to have a consistent wrist position to bowl at the highest level.  But you also need to be able to adjust it based on lane conditions.

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The Sarge Easter Grip

The SARGE EASTER grip is a fairly uncommon grip with fairly common misconceptions. We’ll get to those in a moment, but first I’d like to explain what the proper feel of this grip should be. When the fingers are set in the ball, the ring finger should feel nothing. There shouldn’t be any strain, the finger should feel like it disappears in the ball. What we are trying to do is take the ring finger out of play. To do this, we use reverse pitch in the ring finger, which will need to be adjusted based on your span, and other variables.

3 1/8 – 3 3/8"
1/8" Reverse
3 3/8 – 3 5/8"
1/4" Reverse
3 5/8 – 3 7/8"
3/8" Reverse
3 7/8 – 4 1/8"
1/2" Reverse

Will the Sarge Easter grip decrease your rev-rate?

his is true to an extent. During the “feeling out" stage, yes, your rev-rate will go down. It takes time to get accustomed to the grip, and for a certain time, you will worry that your ring finger will hang up in the ball. Once the grip feels comfortable, your rev-rate will go back to normal.

Only power players should consider the Sarge Easter grip

False. Using the Sarge Easter grip can effectively change the grip pressure and alleviate pain in your hand.

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  1. Talk Bowling Episode #35 – Wrist Positions…

    John Congdon and I discuss the differences in wrist positions and how they can help you become more versatile.
    This episode is sponsored by Lane #1 bowling products and GoDaddy.com.

  2. there are primary style of bowling, stroker tweener and cranker.( primary) <3>

    (i dont know if you want to count these because it is a question that could go a few ways
    then you have 4 and 5 step approaches and 1 and two hand deliveries… but i dont think you ment thous)

  3. I would say there are three main conventional styles of bowling which are cranker, tweener, and stroker.

  4. Where can Iearn to drill bowling ball do you have a website of places
    near me. Inexpensive also if possible

  5. Hi there. I've commented on this problem in the past, but for some reason every time I try to watch one of your videos – they free up at one point or another in the first minute or so. In this case, I was trying to watch Episode #35 on wrist position. I tried viewing it first on the Mevio site in Mozilla v3.5.5 and it froze at or around a minute in. Then I tried that same site using my IE v8.0.6 and it froze. I then went directly to the http://www.talkbowling.com site and the same thing happend in both browsers. I would think I would see more comments about this if this were giving others problems. So I'm guessing this might be an isolated problem on my end. Have you had complaints about this problem? Just frustrating as I would really like to watch your show.

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