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Question from Chris Otap:

Q – I throw a 15lb ebonite tornado with the out of the box finish, I have a high throw speed and medium rpm’s. when i throw my ball on a normal house pattern i can see the ball spinning but it never hooks i just goes straight, simalur to the way pros plastic spare balls go, any ideas on what is happening and how to fix it ?


A – This one is pretty simple yet one of the most misunderstood aspects of our sport. People that don’t bowl think you just roll a ball down the lane and hope to knock down pins. In reality, the skill is to match your bowling style (speed, revs, etc) to bowling balls and lane conditions. And being able to adjust your style is another skill. You said that you have a high ball speed, with medium rev rate. It sounds like you are getting the ball too far down the lane with little time to react. You definitely need more aggressive equipment, as the Tornado is on the lower end of the spectrum. You could also lower your ball speed, giving the ball more time to react. This one takes some time though, and sometimes makes men feel less like men. You want the high speed because it looks cool and is impressive, but sometimes laying off the speed and just letting the ball do its job is key to high score.


Question from Mark L:

Q – Thanks for producing these videos. I’m a new viewer and am feverishly trying to catch up on all the episodes. I can only take you guys in so many doses a day. I have a question about lane breakdown and carry. I bowl in a center with a lane condition similar to the USBC blue oil pattern. As the lanes breakdown, I migrate left and am able to keep the ball in the pocket but my carry goes down drasically. I end up spending a game or more making adjustments to correct this. Sometimes I find something that works and other times not. What should I do to speed this process up and what order should I try them in. For example moving on the approach, adjusting speed and then changing balls. Thanks.

A – Mark, thanks for watching Talk Bowling. We have said numerous times, the further right you stand, the wider the pocket is/seems. Your carry is going to decrease as you move further left, unless you have some great speed and revolutions to compensate for the additional distance the ball must travel. Your best bet in most cases is to change balls and stay right. Sometimes this just isn’t possible based on lane conditions, so at that point, do what the pros do. Stay in the pocket and leave makeable spares, take your 200 (because you are making your spares), and keep making minor adjustments to line up for the next game.

There is not going to be a magic fix for times like this. The smaller your adjustments, the better you will be at staying in the pocket while trying to find a line that works. Sometimes though, you have to make the major adjustment out of frustration. At that point, realize you are sacrificing a few frames with the potential of finding a great line. You are gambling on losing a few pins now in return for a big score in the future. Is it a gamble you are willing to make?

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